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Lingen (Ems)
Lönings Wohnzimmer Falkenstraße 17
49808 Lingen (Ems)

Gvaneta Betaneli


Gitarre Recital

Gvaneta (Gvantsa) Ferdinandovna Betaneli is a young talented, born on June, 9, 1990. She began to play classical guitar in early childhood (since the age of 3), at the age of 5 years she played at a concert, and already in 8 years she held her independent solo concert. In 2003 Gvaneta graduated with distinction the Experimental Music School at the Tbilisi State Conservatory of Vano Saradzhishvili.
In 2006 the guitarist also graduated with distinction the Tbilisi Public school and became the student of string faculty of the Tbilisi State Conservatory. In 2006 she ended with distinction the preparatory economy course. In 2010 Gvaneta received bachelor degree in the same conservatory.
Datum: 23.03.2019
Uhrzeit: 19:00 Uhr - 21:00 Uhr
Eintrittspreis: Kostenlos

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